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Top-40: Recent Links from Jay Rosen (@jayrosen_nyu)


These are the 40 most recent links I've shared over the Net, ranked by the number of times they've been clicked. Themes: rebooting the news, press criticism, political journalism, new media, digital culture

1. What a sad, pathetic tale of public radio's timidity. How Occupy Wall Street Cost Me My Job. http://jr.ly/tv9t (3071) 5189
2. Hey, there's a new post at PressThink. "Low information voters" and the political press. http://jr.ly/7inf Especially for politics nerds.  (2613) 2781
3. Amazing. (3349) 2641
4. Stop Forcing Journalists to Conceal Their Views from the Public http://jr.ly/7czj Recommended. (Picks up from my own work on viewlessness.) (3046) 2202
5. Spectacular job by @ProPublica: what the key players in the financial crisis did to earn the contempt of #OccupyWallStreet (3124) 2189
6. Charles P. Pierce on the brutal truth about the crimes at Penn State. http://jr.ly/chuu So far the best thing I have read on this horror. (2679) 2168
7. "One of the best things about Occupy Wall Street is the way it confuses and ignores the shrill pundit class."  (3135) 2157
8. Unhappy with poor reporting on #occupywallstreet, this guy (@ErrataRob) goes down there and does it himself. http://jr.ly/7ecr Recommended. (3551) 1983
9. Have you seen Matt Taibbi's advice to the Occupy Wall Street protesters? You haven't? Well...  (3473) 1750
10. Just posted at my Tumblr: Sensing a theme? http://jr.ly/dj6w Occupy movement goes global. (3397) 1688
11. Just posted at my blog... Occupy PressThink http://jr.ly/ck9x (2555) 1637
12. Digital First CEO: John Paton Prepares His Newspapers for a World Without Print by @carr2n. (Disclosure: I'm an adviser.) (2704) 1495
13. "But it is also with some pride that I have stopped writing for publications that aim for journalistic objectivity." http://jr.ly/dzai (2662) 1321
14. Just posted at my Tumblr: Tim Pool, the guy behind @TheOther99, is bringing the Max Headroom prophecy to life. http://jr.ly/cizz  (2544) 1302
15. Occupy Wall Street as API. http://jr.ly/ciqp Sometimes @alexismadrigal just kicks ass. This is one of those times. via @emahlee (2587) 1193
16. Brilliant column by @felixsalmon: The future of online advertising. http://jr.ly/7j7h (2690) 1188
17. A new media ethics code for journalists by @dangillmor: 1) Be human. 2) Be honorable. 3) Don't embarrass us. http://jr.ly/fem6 Perfect. (3018) 1115
18. "The media have a history of getting mass social movements wrong." http://jr.ly/7eyn True. But why? My answer: movements aren't savvy. (3484) 1108
19. How Occupy Wall Street Is Like the Internet by (NYU journalism grad) @Conor64 in The Atlantic. http://jr.ly/7i7f It's good.  (3340) 1077
20. You wanna bet NPR fires this person? http://jr.ly/2dmm Freelancer, host of an opera program on NPR, is caught in the culture war crossfire. (3292) 1073
21. Less friction but no less peril for the leaker. That's why Wikileaks and other dead drops may not work, @carr2n argues. (2883) 1022
22. Running the numbers on press attention to Occupy Wall Street, @fivethirtyeight finds it pulling even to Tea Party coverage (3555) 945
23. International Museum of the Newsroom Curmudgeon phoned about this recent find. Whaddaya think? Curmudgeon pride exhibit? (3075) 905
24. "American institutions are flailing, unable to self-correct." That is quite an idea for a beat, isn't it? http://jr.ly/7hie (2944) 886
25. "Anyone who says he has no idea what these folks are protesting is not being truthful." @rushkoff on #occupywallstreet... http://jr.ly/f9xa (3604) 847
26. Why did Wikipedia succeed when other such projects failed? http://jr.ly/wj8t Anyone who tries to understand online life thinks about this. (3471) 845
27. Study of 13 mainstream news organizations shows they use Twitter mainly to push their own stuff. http://jr.ly/7hsw via @jeffcdi  (2692) 833
28. What happens when a community loses its newspaper? http://jr.ly/cj4h Maybe it depends on whether it was "the" newspaper or "our" newspaper. (2883) 811
29. Awesome savaging of citizen journalism by the editor of the Salt Lake Tribune. http://jr.ly/7huf Behold the guild mentality. via @Romenesko (2691) 809
30. I got a number of things wrong yesterday in Tweeting about Lisa Simeone, host of NPR's World of Opera. The latest on her: (3267) 786
31. The e-mail rumor mill circulating politically salient untruths is largely a conservative phenomenon. http://jr.ly/ck35 Why is this?  (2592) 779
32. My interview with @onthemedia's Brooke Gladstone on political timidity, false balance and transparency in public radio. http://jr.ly/7j4h (2899) 767
33. Hiding who you are from the users is getting more and more expensive for journalists, as @conor64 explains. http://jr.ly/eimx  (2759) 756
34. "Citizen journalism" notwithstanding, without journalism jobs, we don't have journalism. http://jr.ly/ck3x Yeah. I agree 100 percent.  (2586) 755
35. Memo to the AP. From @mathewi: Twitter is the newswire now. So get real... http://jr.ly/7ihb (2634) 754
36. Wisely, the publisher of the New York Times, Arthur Sulzberger, has dropped "platform agnostic" from his stump speech. http://jr.ly/7hcg (2966) 743
37. You can build a user base with short fast and frequent. Or with long form and more occasional posting. http://jr.ly/7nye But you need data. (2018) 725
38. The Bernie Madoff of social science: http://jr.ly/g4dw Via @Penenberg (3026) 714
39. Another columnist, Bloomberg's Caroline Baum, just cannot figure out what #occupywallstreet is about http://jr.ly/cdkg How hard did she try? (3603) 707
40. Bloggers are the bigger problem, says the chair of the UK's press commission. Not the tabloids or phone hacking. http://jr.ly/7gxg via @Suw (2707) 707

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